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dress code


  • Everyone who enters must pay the General Admission regardless if they are skating or not.  Parents not skating with their children may spectate at no charge. Children 2 and under skate free.

  • We do not allow outside food or drinks inside building. No outside alcohol drinks allowed.

  • No gum chewing allowed.

  • You may not bring glow sticks or glow items into the building.

  • No tobacco products to be used inside building. (i.e Chewing tobacco, cigerettes. vapes.)

  • All quad skates must have toe stops or toe plugs to be worn on the skating floor.

  • All inline skates must be free from protruding axles and bolts.

  • All safety gear must be worn properly and free from defects that could damage the wood skating floor.

  • All food and drinks purchased at our snack bar must be kept in the designated snack bar area.

  • SKATES is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

  • SKATES will hold all found items in lost and found for one week.


  • No fast skating (unless during a fast skate special).

  • No tag playing or chasing allowed at any time.

  • All skaters must keep moving while out on the floor. No stopping along the walls at anytime.

  • All skaters must skate in the regular skating direction unless during an opposite skate special.

  • No more then two people can hold hands at one time. No trains allowed.

  • Children may not be carried by someone wearing skates.

  • No food or drinks allowed on the skating floor.

  • All accidents must be reported to the front desk.


  • No holes in jeans above the knee.

  • All pants must be worn on waist line.

  • Shorts and skirts must be to fingertips.

  • No belly bearing or middrift shirts.

  • No bandanas to be worn from pockets.

  • No hoods to be worn on head inside building.

  • No clothing with profanity or R rated material.

  • No undergarment tank tops including wiifebeaters.

  • No face paint or masks unless SKATES is hosting a costume party.


Do you charge for parents to watch? NEVER on regular public skating sessions. We’re happy you are here! NOTE: Occasionally charitable organizations that host fundraisers at SKATES will charge every person (adult or child) that is admitted.


If my friends are coming to skate, Do I need to pay if I’m only going to hang out? Everyone entering (with the exception of parents watching their children) must pay the applicable admission.


Do you offer group rates?  Yes! Please visit our group information page.


What size skates do you rent? Regular rental skates from juvenile size 9 to adult size 14. Quad speed skates from Child 2 – Adult 13.

Can I bring my own skates? Yes. We allow all kinds of regular roller skates and inline skates.

Can I wear my Heelys? Sorry, because Heelys do not have wheels in the front and back and are not intended for “roller skating” they are not permitted.

Do you sell skates and equipment?

Yes! You can order skates in our skate shop or visit our online skate shop at .


What goes on at a public skating session? Most sessions are set-up with a variety of special skates: All-Skate, Backwards, Couples. During daytime or family-oriented sessions we also do the Cha Cha Slide, play games and give away prizes.

If my child doesn’t skate well, can I walk on the floor to assist him/her? During public skating sessions we only allow guests with skates on to enter the skating floor. We also rent out SK8 Mates. (The SkateMate is a great new product to help kids and adults learn to skate on their own.)

Where can I get lessons for my child? Right here at SKATES. We have certified RSA coaches. Group classes are available as well as private instruction.


What forms of payment do you allow? Cash, Visa and MasterCard.


Do you have an ATM? No.

Can I pay with a check? Sorry, we do not accept personal checks.


Can I rent SKATES privately? Yes! We offer private events on select days of the week.

How far in advance do I need to make party reservations? As a rule of thumb, Session Parties should be reserved at least 2 weeks in advance and Private Parties or Fundraisers can require at least 30 days to as much as 3 months.


Do you sell food? Yes! We have a complete Snack Bar serving Pizza, Hot Dogs, Pretzels, Nachos, Popcorn, Chips and a variety of candies. We also offer Pepsi products and Monster energy drinks . You can go to our Concessions and Bar page for specifics and pricing.

Can I bring in food from the outside? The only outside food/drinks we allow during our open skating session is a birthday cake if you have reserved the “Basic/Pizza/Teen Party” package. Outside food is also allowed when booking a Private Rental package.


Do you sell Gift Certificates? Yes. They can be purchased anytime the office is open or during public sessions.

Will you donate something to my child’s school auction? Yes! SKATES is happy to donate products/services to non-profits. Please send a written request on organization letterhead stating the name and date of the event and the nature of your request The courtesy of 3 months notice is kindly requested. Send request to:  SKATES 401 E. Broadway Ct. Unit B Sand Springs, OK 74063 ,  Attn: Donations.

Does SKATES do cash sponsorships? Yes! Any non-profit is eligible to do a fundraiser with us.

More questions? Please call us at 918.241.2342

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